Never in my life did i ever think i would look so beautiful and my husband is completely in love with the pics

I have always wanted to have boudoir photos taken but there was always something holding me back. Recently I was feeling a little down about myself and felt like I needed to get back to feeling beautiful. This photo shoot was exactly what i needed!!! Ruthie was amazing. I happen to be friends with Lindsay who did my hair and make up so i wasn’t nervous with her. But the second I met Ruthie I felt like we were old friends. Never once did I feel nervous or uncomfortable. It was such an amazing experience. And then i saw the pics!!

I was completely blown away!!! Never in my life did i ever think i would look so beautiful and my husband is completely in love with the pics!! If you are unsure about getting your pics done I’m telling you take the plunge!! You will be so happy you did. When i look at this picture it’s hard to believe it’s me. Ruthie you rock!!!!

- Ms. M

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a session was the PERFECT way to test those boundaries in a safe environment

I was SO excited when Ruthie started the Confidence Sessions. It stands for so much of what I believe in: badass women, body positivity, and encouragement through community. I wanted a session from the beginning, but struggled to justify booking a session due to fear of judgement (I’m single), body shame, and past abuse. Then I realized those reasons were exactly WHY I needed to do a session!

I’m always working to better myself and I realized a session was the PERFECT way to test those boundaries in a safe environment! I’d worked with Ruthie in the past, so I already trusted her and knew she would make it a great experience.
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I opened up and had fun with the camera

It was impossible to be nervous when I arrived at the shoot–I was having too much fun as Crystal Phelps worked her magic on my hair and makeup and Ruthie helped me pare down my outfit ideas. We talked about my reasons for the shoot and what I wanted to accomplish. Ruthie worked every inch of the room to get fantastic shots!

I’d fully expected myself to shut down when so exposed and outside my comfort zone, but the opposite happened–I opened up and had fun with the camera!

Confidence Boudoir Session reviews


I love myself and my body more now than I did in my 20s

Let me just start out by saying that my experience was probably a bit different than others. I’d done various versions of boudoir shoots before, so the initial fear and doubts weren’t necessarily there. I had an idea of what to expect and knew what I wanted to see/do. BUT…I still found myself a bit nervous and apprehensive about working with someone new. Lindsay and Ruthie set me at ease from the beginning. Two women I’d never met, and within minutes, I felt like we were old friends. That’s awesome.
My “why”….I’d wanted to do this again for a while. Every day I feel like I’m fighting this battle with getting older and I hate it! I turned 40 last year and in my mind, it was not a pretty sight. I admit to being crazy critical of my body and every sag and wrinkle I see. 

Working with Ruthie reminded me that I am still damn beautiful and I am still capable of being damn sexy. In fact, this made me realize that I love myself and my body more now than I did in my 20s. This body has done an amazing amount of things and should be celebrated!! That’s what these sessions are about. Embracing who you are and loving what we, as women, have accomplished.

- Ms. S

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do something out of my comfort zone,

When Ruthie first began posting the beautiful photographs from her new boudoir business, I was so impressed by her work, and by the strong and bold women who were the subjects in her photographs. “Very cool, but I could never do that!” I thought to myself… and then I started to consider why I felt that way. I realized that a huge part of my identity is as a caregiver for others – for my children, for my family, for my students – and that I was neglecting the part of me that cares for myself. I decided that it was time to do something out of my comfort zone, and I scheduled a session with Ruthie. I was extremely nervous before the shoot, but Ruthie and Lindsay (thanks for the glam!), made me feel much more at ease.

This session produced some gorgeous photos that I know I (and my husband!) will always be happy to have, but even more importantly, it jump-started a new mindset for me. I have been working towards cultivating my individual interests and identity, outside of being a caregiver to others. It’s cliche, but you can’t pour from an empty cup! If you are considering this gift for yourself, you will not regret going for it!

- Ms. W

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It made me feel comfortable to even think about doing a photography session with Ruthie

So this is something I’ve always wanted to do but NEVER thought I’d actually do it. I was never the pretty girl in school. Never had boyfriends in high school. I was one of the guys, I was a high level athlete but I never really had any confidence in my body. I had confidence on the court and in the classroom, but never my body.

I had no idea about Ruthie Skillman or her photography until a friend added me to the group and I sort of took a look around and was in awe at the beauty that was in this group. Inside and out. There is only acceptance, for all of us. No judgment. It made me feel comfortable to even think about doing a photography session with Ruthie. I was able to talk another friend that I didn’t even know was in the group who had recently done a session with Ruthie and she raved about how it made her feel.

I was hooked. I thought about it for a week straight until I decided, that yes, even though it would be an anniversary present for my husband, it was really for me. The end product was for him, well both of us, but the process was for me. I never do anything for myself. I needed to do this for me.

I was pretty nervous, not going to lie. But a good nervous. It was certainly fun to shop for my outfits though!! When I got to the shoot, Ruthie was amazing, it was so fun to get my makeup done and then when it was time for the shoot, Ruthie let me do as much or as little as I felt comfortable and she made me feel so beautiful.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!

- Ms. K

Confidence Boudoir Testimonials & Reviews


I felt the most sexy and confident when he saw the photos for the first time

I had been thinking about doing boudoir photos for my husband for a while. A dear friend of mine invited me to this group and I booked a session almost immediately. The first thing I told Ruthie was when I think about myself in lingerie I think ew….she said I’ll bet you’ll be surprised! And I truly was! My session was awesome! Ruthie guided me through the whole process from outfits and shoes to posing. I had so much fun. My motivation was my husband….knowing that he would love them ALL….but in the end it was rewarding and eye opening to see myself differently and maybe a glimpse of how my husband sees me.
I think I felt the most sexy and confident when he saw the photos for the first time. That was priceless! As a tease I sent him one photo a day for about 14 days……and he loved it! So if you’re on fence about booking just do it!!! Get out of your comfort zone a little and allow yourself to feel confident and sexy!

- Ms. S

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