You Were Someone Before You Were Their Mom

I saw this quote and I loved it, because this is something that we fall into as wives/moms: Losing our identity. This can happen with or without kids, it can happen in a relationship of any kind, or even a worthwhile pursuit like a job or a hobby. Suddenly, we forget who we are.

Moms, you’ve been changing diapers, feeding, planning meals, cleaning house, and thinking about everyone else except yourself. If your kids are older, their needs change, but you’re always a mom.

Here’s the deal: you are not just a mom. You’re a woman. You’re a person with dreams, needs, and desires—and it’s time to remember that. When your kids have moved out of the house, you’ll still be living your life. So what do you want that life to look like?

If you’re feeling lost, hang in there. Do something for YOU, even if it’s 10 minutes to meditate, go out for a short walk, or drink a cup of tea. Yes, you’re a mom. But you’ aren’t just a mom. You’re a badass, sexy woman—and it’s ok to be both. <3


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