You Don’t Need To Lose 10 Pounds Before Your Session: How To Look Your Best

Confidence Boudoir Session Tips

Look, I get it. I struggle with my weight and self-acceptance. We all want to be the best physical version of ourselves. And being healthy is important. But you know that. So I’m here to tell you that what you want is mostly because of an unrealistic and unattainable standard that Western society has placed on women. And it sucks. Even the most beautiful, fit celebrities are heavily airbrushed in magazines. Don’t waste your best years trying to look like a model.

Off the soapbox, and on to practical ways to look your best.

Outfit Choice

LINGERIE/OUTFIT CHOICE can make ALL the difference in how your images look. Show up with great pieces that flatter YOUR body, and I’ll pose you to look your best. BOOM! Instant FIRE.

For example, a bodysuit is hands-down the most flattering piece on EVERYONE. Some things to keep in mind: LONG SLEEVES can hide arm imperfections and are a great choice if you’re self-conscious about your upper body. Stay away from HIGH-CUT pieces if you are self-conscious about your tummy. Black truly is slimming, but don’t feel like you can’t choose a dark blue, purple, etc. A great local find for Pasadena lingerie is A La Mode Intimates.

Skin Care

Take care of your skin! Drink water, wash & exfoliate your face AND your body (breakouts can happen, ahem, anywhere!), get a facial (a week before your session), or even Botox (a week before your session).


Do NOT get a spray tan! They tend to be orange and blotchy. If your session is taking place in the summer, and you spend a week prior sitting by the pool, use sunscreen and wear a hat. Keep in mind that crazy tan lines can happen, and even though they can be removed in Photoshop, an extra retouching fee will apply.


Remember the details, like shaving/waxing and a mani/pedi. If you want to go au natural, bless you. There’s nothing wrong with a bush. If you don’t regularly wax or shave your lady bits, don’t do it the night before your session! You’ll be sad, your lady bits will be angry, and that’s just no fun for anyone. Get a mani/pedi. You’ll be pampered, and your nails will look cute and polished in your photos.


Think about comfort on the day of your session! Wear yoga pants or anything that isn’t tight. Consider going braless that day. You’ll feel more relaxed and your skin won’t have lines/indentations. Stretch the morning of…I’ll be posing you in all sorts of positions that your body isn’t used to being in. Try and remember mental comfort, too: you can do this, and you can ROCK it. I’m here to help!


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