Severna Park, Maryland Boudoir Photography Session: Taylor

a woman reclines during a Maryland boudoir photography session

Maryland Boudoir Photography: Taylor
a woman posing during a maryland boudoir photography session

Taylor came to the Severna Park, Maryland boudoir photography studio a few weeks ago. She says, “I wanted to have a Boudoir session because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. It’s such an empowering feeling to dress up in sexy lingerie and be confident in your own skin. Society tries to tell us who we should be; how we should act; what we should dress like. I think it’s absolutely absurd. Embracing who you are at your core, well, I think that’s something beautiful, and it should be celebrated more often.”

Her makeup was done by Meaghan of True Love Makeup.

(Meaghan is a veritable HOOT and a talented Baltimore makeup artist; she makes clients feel at ease immediately with her relaxed attitude, fun style, and skilled technique!)

The red room is becoming one of my favorites in the Annapolis boudoir location.

Satin sheet color options include red, cranberry, emerald, navy, turquoise, gold, and black. I’m loving the light in the bohemian tub room, and the neon set adds a modern touch to her gallery.


A woman reclines at a Maryland boudoir photography studio A woman in a bathtub getting boudoir photos at Maryland boudoir photography studio a woman in a neon boudoir set by Maryland boudoir photography studio Confidence Boudoir

Taylor says she was nervous (like most people!) before her boudoir shoot.

“I was very nervous before the photoshoot. I’ve never done anything quite like it before. However, during and after the photoshoot, I felt entirely different. I felt instant confidence, and it felt really good to celebrate my body for what it is and what it’s gone through over the years.”

a woman with boudoir makeup by annapolis Maryland boudoir photographer Ruthie Skillman

Taylor says she went from nervous to confident during her boudoir shoot. “One thing that surprised me was how comfortable I felt throughout the shoot. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, nervous, vulnerable and exposed quite a bit. But, I loved every second of it. As for the images, I truly felt beautiful and couldn’t believe it was me. You might laugh at me saying that, but it’s true. From the makeup to the photography, it was an amazing experience. I’d definitely do it again if given the chance!”

Thank you so much for letting me share your images and your story, Taylor. More sessions like hers can be viewed here.



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