5 Reasons To Experience Your Own Boudoir Photo Session

A woman sitting on a couch with confidence

OK, so maybe you’ve seen boudoir photos on Facebook or Instagram. Perhaps your girlfriends have gotten them done for their partner. Maybe your only exposure to lingerie has been in your local mall—the Victoria’s Secret and Orange Julius experience.

So what’s the deal with boudoir? Why is it so popular?

1. Boudoir can build your self-confidence.

“What? The idea of being half-naked doesn’t make me feel confident.”

Well, being half-naked means that you’re somewhat exposed; you’re vulnerable. And vulnerability is not the most comfortable feeling. We hide from it; whether through avoidance, secrets, lies, or even something as harmless as clothes. But a life hidden is not a full life. Courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway…and confidence grows as a result of practicing courage.

2. You deserve to feel regaled.

“What the hell does ‘regaled’ mean?”

Regaled = regal = to be treated like the fucking queen that you are. Queens are honored. Respected. Pampered. You deserve the Kate Middleton-Windsor level of wardrobe, hair and makeup–at least for a day. We spend most of our days caring for others…it’s time to let someone else take care of you.

3. You want to let go of shame.

“That’s a bit heavy for a blog about lingerie. Let’s go back to that part about Orange Julius.”

I hope this reason doesn’t apply to you. But having photographed hundreds of women, I know from experience that the odds are good that you grew up feeling shamed for being female. You were told to be small, meek and quiet; pretty and thin. You were told that you didn’t need to become an astronaut or a doctor, you just needed to look perfect so that you could marry well. Maybe you were never enough. I say fuck that. You are enough. You, in your vulnerable, natural state, are perfect just as you are. Not 20 pounds from now, not once you’ve earned that degree, not once you birth a baby…you are perfect today. So take back your body and spirit from those who have tried to make you someone you’re not. This is true empowerment.

4. You’re turning 30. Or 42. Or 71.

“Crap. Now I feel old.”

Look, age is truly just a number. Don’t be afraid of getting older. You’re still you, only better. Wiser. Braver. Stronger. More at peace with this journey called life. We’d all like to be 18 again, with perfect skin and tireless bodies. But there’s no way I would trade skin elasticity for the grace that comes from earning forehead wrinkles and (metaphorical) scars on our hearts. So celebrate the next milestone, Graceful One.

5. It’s fun. It’s kind of addictively fun.

“Am I allowed to have fun?”

Girl, you know the answer to that. YES. Have fun. Go shopping for new lingerie, or borrow something from the studio’s client closet. Get a pedicure. Pick out a pair of shoes that you’d never wear to the office. I’m talking 4” non-sensible heels. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk in them!) Then just show up—we will take care of the rest. A professional hair and makeup artist will transform you from everyday to slay. Sip a mimosa. Relax. And watch how beautiful you are in the eyes of everyone else. The addictive part? Once you experience your beauty firsthand, you’ll want to experience it every day. And you can. Because you know that you’re a badass. A beautiful, brave, shameless, graceful badass.

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